There are many misconceptions regarding hospice care. One of which is the notion that only those nearing the end-of-life are eligible for this type of specialized health care. While hospice care is for patients who have been given six months or less to live resulting from a terminal illness, hospice care can still be provided for any patient whose doctor and hospice care team validate that the condition remains life-limiting.

If you believe your loved one may be in need of hospice care, Journey Hospice Care Inc. is here to answer any questions you and your family may have. Our mission is to work as part of a team of palliative care professionals to provide a customized plan of care program that will alleviate pain and enhance comfort for our patients and their family. Contact us today at 909-252-7073 or for more information. 

What is Hospice Care?

Hospice care is a type of specialized health care that focuses on alleviating a terminally ill patient’s pain and symptoms as well as attending to their emotional and spiritual needs during their end of life journey. The intent of hospice care is to prioritize comfort, quality of life, and wishes of each individual patient. 

10 Signs Your Loved One May Need Hospice Care

If your loved one is showing any of the signs listed below, it is time to consider hospice care. 

1. They’re almost always in pain

2. They take regular trips to the ER or hospital

3. They can’t perform basic hygiene tasks

4. They forget to take medications

5. They slip and fall

6. They’re losing weight rapidly

7. They’re losing their mental abilities

8. They’re dealing with frequent infections

9. They have trouble sleeping

10. Their quality of life has diminished

Hospice Isn’t a Death Sentence 

People often think that hospice care is only for people who are expected to pass away from a terminal illness within weeks or even days, and this is not at all true. In order for a person to qualify for hospice care, a doctor must certify that the patient may not live longer than 6 months, if the illness runs its usual course. This does not mean the patient will definitely die within 6 months. As long as a person continues to qualify for coverage, they are able to remain in hospice care for more than 6 months. Patients however, must be reevaluated every few months to determine whether or not they are still eligible for hospice care. In some cases, seniors in hospice care become ineligible because their health has improved too much to re-qualify. 

How to Get Hospice Care

If you believe your loved one is in need of hospice care, now is the best time to learn more about hospice care and ask questions about what to expect. Having the discussion about end-of-life care may be difficult but it’s always best to have these discussions in advance to avoid any uncomfortable situations. At Journey Hospice Care Inc. we commit to excellence and service, and provide ongoing emotional support for the patient and their loved ones throughout illness. If you’d like to learn more about our hospice and palliative care services, contact us today by phone at 909-252-7073 or by email at